About White Fire

White Fire Company 11 was established based on a desire to educate personnel within fire and rescue organizations regarding workplace toxicity.

As a former employee of several governmental fire and rescue departments, I, unfortunately, experienced firsthand the battle tactics employed by those that held rank and power. The strategies utilized to gain control and place employees in a state of fear were not condemned by County Administration nor Human Resources.

My mission, therefore, is to share my story in the hopes that fire and rescue organizations learn compassionate leadership and balanced approaches when working with personnel. Oftentimes, many within fire and rescue organizations tend to make assumptions and/or are easily swayed to the opinion of the majority; actions are then taken according to partial-truths without any follow-up questions. In doing so, innocent employees receive unjust consequences.

I’d like this repeating cycle to cease.

In two counties in which I was employed, jealousy and envy by other women persuaded the Chief’s of the departments to act in such a manner that was not in integrity. In both situations, I held higher positions, earned more income, and was more accomplished. I was considered a senior staff member.

I was denied annual leave and training, harassment occurred, reprimands were received, and an evaluation was changed. GPS was placed on my personal vehicle. A modification was made to a job announcement preventing my application submission. Accusations were made and rumors circulated. The final straw was being forced to call my boss upon arrival and departure to headquarters after my office was relocated due to my hearing disability.

Unbeknownst to me, I departed one toxic organization for another. In 2020, I fought to defend a job I had rightly earned. In fact, the EEOC ruled in my favor and I was granted the right to sue the county.

However, the battle scars left me weary. In July of 2021, I chose to retire early, at twenty-eight and a half years, being deprived of my full retirement. I made this decision as I had suffered enough.

If I can educate one department;

If I can explain the signs of group narcissism and workplace toxicity;

If I can encourage personnel to stand in truth and integrity, then I’m accomplishing my mission.

I am truly grateful for your consideration in allowing me the opportunity to present to your organization.